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Solar Benefits

Go Solar Today With BHB Energy & Save Money On Your Utility Bill. Take Advantage of Significant Rebates & Tax Incentives for Home & Business Solar. BHB Energy is an experienced team of solar experts & electricians that understands solar and how it plays into your whole home's energy needs. Most solar companies are only solar providers, not electricians. Since we have a more comprehensive understanding of electrical systems, we can deliver a better consultation and installation process.

Saves Money On Utility Bills

The average lifetime savings with solar are hundreds of dollars per month. Our systems are designed to reduce your utility bill.

Take Control Of Your Energy Usage

By adding solar & battery backup systems, you can use acquired solar energy during the night. That puts you in the drivers seat of your energy usage.

Increased property value

There are excellent ROIs with solar. Additionally, solar is an asset that increases your property value. Add that to the long list of solar benefits.

Less Reliant On The Grid

Customers are wanting to reduce their reliance on the energy grid by producing their own electricity. Solar and battery backup does exactly that.

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Receive a FREE Energy Savings Evaluation From Our Solar Experts.

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    BHB Energy offers turnkey solutions and consulting for your residential or commercial solar projects. Our team of experts makes this complicated process simple.

    • Turnkey Project Consulting
    • Tax Incentive & Rebate Management
    • Design
    • Finance Consulting
    • Product Sales (EV Charger, Battery & Solar supply)
    • Installation
    • Post-installation Support
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