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Lighting upgrades are designed to save you money! Did you know there are also many other benefits to LED upgrades, including increased employee productivity?

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LED Saves Up To 63% In Energy Costs.

Not only do you get more light from a LED replacement bulb, but they also use less wattage. This correlates to smaller energy bills. For example, if you replace a 42watt bulb with a 16-watt LED, there would be a 63% energy savings!

Increased Employee Productivity.

LED offers better lighting vs. other options. A well-lit space increases employee productivity compared to a dimly lit space. More productivity = better EVERYTHING.

LED Increases Air Conditioning Efficiency.

LED fixtures provide almost no heat. Less heat means the AC/C does not have to consume as much energy, lowering costs.

LED Does Not Give Off UV.

An often overlooked benefit. LED replacement bulbs do not emit any light in the non-visible light spectrum (UV). UV/IR light causes colors to fade in fabrics and signage while also being the leading cause of eye strain and eye fatigue.

LED Provides 70% More Light.

Traditional lighting wastes a lot of light. The beam angle of an LED bulb is 110 degrees. The T8 bulb on the other hand has a beam angle of 360 degrees. A more compact beam angle means LED lighting better concentrates light to where you need it.

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You reap the benefits of lower energy bills each month. Not to mention all of the other benefits of upgraded lighting.)


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